Win-back technology  that actually works

Winbacks from FitGrid leverage instructor-to-client connections to get clients back into the studio.

Next-Generation Engagement Suite

Preview is now available of FitGrid's 2024 Engagement Suite. Plan, engage, and analyse with an all-in-one platform.

Automatically deliver custom message to a lost client from their favorite instructor

Personalized + Automated messaging
Instructors are asked to write a one-time message that will be delivered to a client that has been gone from the studio for a certain period of time
Package Sales & Promotional Offers
Studio owners and managers can append promotions or pricing options for purchase to the instructor message, driving retention and revenue
Effectiveness & Impact Reporting
Effectiveness reports show how many clients came back to the studio as a result of getting a message and how many dollars were won from the offers

How Client Winbacks work

Leverage the strength of instuctor-to-client connections by sending "we miss you" emails from instructors.

Create an offer (or use an existing one) to get lapsed clients back to the studio

Choose from pricing options that are public -or pricing options that are hidden from public -to ensure that only eligible clients are able to redeem the offer

A two-part message is delivered from the client's favorite instructor

Win-backs identifies a clients most visited instructor, and will automate a message from them to the client, with the studio's offer appended to the email

Clients purchase the offer to return to the studio and the revenue is instantly available

When clients that have been gone from the studio for a period of time purchase a win-back offer, the revenue is deposited directly to your payment processor

Effectiveness Stats

Our detailed reporting helps provide insights into how effective Winback message are for your business. See open rates, number of clients who returned and more

Reports & Results

Client winbacks dashboard results show impact of this feature at a glance. Quickly see how many messages were sent, opened and clients returning

Custom Frequency

Set custom frequencies of how often messages are sent to clients who have been absent from the studio. Set as few or as many frequencies as desired.

“FitGrid provides our entire team with a powerful community engagement tool necessary for creating real bonds with members.

"Given our large class sizes, it isn’t always possible for our coaches to reach everyone in the room. FitGrid solves for this by giving our coaches a platform to communicate one on one with first-time members and those achieving milestones in their journey.”

Dominik Desbois, Founder of Spin Society
Increase in new client returns
Increase in new client spend

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