Next-Generation Engagement Suite

FitGrid's all-in-one marketing suite for customer interactions.

Next-Generation Engagement Suite

Preview is now available of FitGrid's 2024 Engagement Suite. Plan, engage, and analyse with an all-in-one platform.

FitGrid Engagement Suite is loaded with features to keep customers coming back

Powered sophisticated Artificial Intelligence
Generative AI technology designed to write simple - yet compelling - messages to your customers about their relationship with your business
Messages delivered via Text or Email
Client Engagement messages can be easly delivered via text message. Customer replies are centralized into a group inbox for easy management
Automated Customer Segmengation
FitGrid automatically detects which of about 20 different smart semgnets your customers fall into, and then will prompt you to engage accordingly

How Client Engagement Suite works

FitGrid's all-in-one marketing suite for customer interactions.

Auto-segments your clients & recommends who to contact

FitGrid automatically divides your customer base into segments so you can intervene with at-risk clients or recognize your most loyal ones.

Messaging recommendations use a combination of client data, AI and calls to action

FitGrid's world-class AI generated messaging can is based on your customer's visit and spend behavior, the status of their current package and much more

We deliver messages that are revenue focused, helping convert customers

Sending the right message, at the right time, from the right staff member to the right customer has a profound impact on customer conversion statistics

Communication History

See full communication history of messages being sent for awareness and understanding. Communication history is searchable and sortable, as well

Robust Client Profiles

Each of your customers will have a corresponding record in FitGrid's Client Profiles feature. See visits, purchases, comms history, favorite instructor and more

Communication Goals

Customize outbound messaging with goals that will help FitGridAI write compelling content that aligns with where a customer might be in their studio journey

"Fitgrid has been the most organic way for our instructors to build relationships with our clients."

“Not only does Fitgrid provide a simple communication platform for our instructors to use, it also provides them with vital information about our clients before they even walk in the door!”

Alex Hibbard, Director of Studio Operations at Citizen Pilates
Increase in new client returns
Increase in new client spend

“FitGrid provides our instructors the ability to connect with everyone in the room individually.

It’s been a great way to build relationships. And we are seeing huge gains around retention!”

Lindy Jobbs, Owner at P2O Hot Pilates
Increase in new client returns
Increase in new client spend

“FitGrid provides our entire team with a powerful community engagement tool necessary for creating real bonds with members.

"Given our large class sizes, it isn’t always possible for our coaches to reach everyone in the room. FitGrid solves for this by giving our coaches a platform to communicate one on one with first-time members and those achieving milestones in their journey.”

Dominik Desbois, Founder of Spin Society
Increase in new client returns
Increase in new client spend

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