"The clients feel so connected to the owner and the instructors because of the emails and recognition they are getting."

Jessica Jacques
Owner at JTB Studios
Jessica Jacques


JTB Studios is a full service boutique studio encompassing fitness, yoga, nutrition, massage therapy, skincare, hair services, and more! They position themselves as a comprehensive location for total transformation from the inside out, whether their clients want to create a new look, become more connected to their bodies, or just give themselves some time to reset.

They started using FitGrid first as a live streaming solution for classes and then started leveraging it more frequently when we released our latest Client Outreach AI. JTB’s biggest challenge and priority was to more seamlessly integrate and market their wellness offerings to their fitness clients, and their fitness offerings to their wellness clients.

JTB Studios


After working together with FitGrid’s incredible onboarding team, Jessica was able to devise solutions to cross-pollinate client outreach amidst the two client bases, more deliberately use promotional codes to target outreach to trending clients, and surface a diversity of offerings to already engaged customers. 

Owner Jessica Jacques also found immense value in FitGrid’s Studio Profit Calculator, which has helped her assess class revenue numbers and instructor payroll. She loves the ease of FitGrid’s instructor reports, and now has a better idea on what it costs to operate a class. She is now able to make data-driven decisions surrounding owner pay, instructor pay rates, and class scheduling. Communications between instructors and clients through the Instructor Pro App has been amazing at keeping customers engaged.

One thing she wasn't expecting but was blown away with, was the impact of the personalized client outreach coming directly from her as the owner, and the overwhelming response and return rate she received from that targeted messaging, crafted through FitGrid’s smart technology.

JTB Studios


After implementing new FitGrid tools, JTB saw the following results:

Six month percentage increase in new clients returning for a second class if they received a follow up or not  — 29.9%

Percent of clients who attended 1 class in the last 30 days, came back 2 or more times in the same period –  73%

Winback Rate – 30%

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