Easiest live-streaming solution on the market

FitGrid's live-streaming solution was developed during the covid-era, but remains an industry stalwart to this day.

Next-Generation Engagement Suite

Preview is now available of FitGrid's 2024 Engagement Suite. Plan, engage, and analyse with an all-in-one platform.

Select which classes you want to live-stream and let FitGrid handle the rest

Uses your existing infrastructure
No need to create new classes or add new pricing options, FitGrid LIVE uses your existing infrastructure to livestream
Automatic links and check-in process
Clients book classes as they normally would, and are automatically sent links to join class. Once in class, we'll automatically check them in
FitGrid is certified ZOOM partner
FitGrid is an official Zoom API integrated partner and are able to leverage the world-class architecture that zoom was built on

How live-streaming works

Navigate through tonnes of data with custom, auto-generated, relevant reports. Beat the competition with an enhanced social media strategy.

Clients reserve class as they normally would through your website or app

Clients do not need to change the way they book classes with you. They can continue to book through your website, app or third-party partners

FitGrid will send Zoom links to join class, then check them into class once it's begun

Booking mechanics are taken care of - from automatically generating zoom links - to scanning the virtual roster and checking clients into class

Instructors are also sent a unique link that allows them to host class from anywhere

Instructors can choose to livestream from any device that has Zoom and an internet connection - anywhere in the world

Automatically enable

Your classes can be auto-zoom enabled using FitGrid. This means you can configure a portion of your schedule to be live-stream enabled automatically

Class details

See all live-stream enabled class details in one place. Understand who is teaching, what class is offered, how many people are registered and much more

Client roster

Each class contains a full list clients who have registered for class along with critical details such as email, in the event they need to be contacted

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