FitGrid Profit Calculator

Use our Profit Calculator to determine breakeven class size numbers, and how many clients are needed per class in order to reach a certain profit goal.


Expand any section to understand how to calculate the value that would be entered into the calculator.

Goal Profit

Enter the target profit your studio would like to earn each month. This number is total monthly profit. Example: 10,000

Average Revenue

Average total revenue generated during one month. We recommend dividing revenue generated over your previous year and divide by 12 (months). Example: 30,000

Montly Studio Expenses

Total cost of operations that your studio incurs to generate revenue (rent, utilities, software, etc.). Do not include instructor pay. Example: 15,000

Average Classes Per Day

Average number of classes scheduled at your studio during each day. Tip: Take the total number of classes scheduled for a week and divide by 7 and then average to the lower number (to be conservative).

Instructor Pay Rate

Average pay rate your instructors earn per class. To get the most accurate number, calculate an instructor’s total pay per month and then divide by the the total number of classes they teach each month.

Average Revenue per Visit

Average amount of revenue generated each time any client visits your facility. FigGrid subscribers can simply divide the average revenue per class by average number of visitors per class.
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Breakeven Class Size

Number of visitors needed for a single class to cover its costs, making neither a profit nor a loss. Instructors with average class sizes smaller than this number are contributing to overall financial losses for the business.

Goal Class Size

Number of visitors needed in each class to reach the goal profit stated at the very top (Profit Goal). Use the green slider to see a correlation between the class size and overall profit goals.

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