One simple, all-in-one, solution for all your communication needs

Use any one feature, a la carte, or use all of the features below to gain unparalleled insights into your clients and how to tailor their experiences

Staff Tools

Robust and dynamic engagement tools your staff will actually use

Give your team the tools to understand your community, what they should say, and when they should say it based on each client’s individual journey.

Save time with AI-generated messages

Increase productivity with automations

Understand urgency with daily task lists

Deliver messages via email or text

Instructor Tools

Equip your instructors with productivity tools & understand their overall effectiveness

Give your instructors tools to drive retention, acquisition and conversion as well as understanding how well they’re doing at keeping clients happy.

Increase retention with instructor app

Understand client sentiment with surveys

Receive insights into instructor effectiveness

Consumer Tools

Boost new & recurring client revenue. Engage your community

Connect your community members to one another, give your clients a new way to purchase from you, and give prospective clients an easy way to find you

Acquire new clients via a global network

Sell single classes, 5 and 10-class packages

Introduce a social network for your studio

Let clients easily track workouts

FitGridAI saves time & money

Our AI is like having a personal assistant. It can research clients, pull their data, and write a deeply personalized message based on everything we know.

Artificial Intelligence

FitGridAI: this secret weapon is infused into everything we do

Save time and money with FitGridAI tools that help  write the best messages for your clients - taking personalization into the stratosphere.

Recommends who to reach out to

Pulls all information about the client

Crafts compelling message based on their data

Allows you to review and then send messages

Automatically improves the messages over time

Beyond the 4 walls of your studio lies an ocean of opportunity

FitGrid believes fitness communities can, and should, extend beyond their four walls. We facilitate that in a variety of ways:

"FitGrid delivers real bottom-line results"

“FitGrid provides our instructors the ability to connect with everyone in the room individually."
- Lindy Jobbs, Owner at P2O Hot Pilates

Increase in Return Rate
Increase in Customer Spend
Client lifespan increase

"FitGrid is my secret weapon!"

"FitGrid is my secret weapon! It's an absolute must-have if you want to retain new and existing clients."

Hye Jin Kalgaonkar, Owner at The Hot Room
Increase in new client returns
Increase in new client spend

"Fitgrid has been the most organic way for our instructors to build relationships with our clients."

“Not only does Fitgrid provide a simple communication platform for our instructors to use, it also provides them with vital information about our clients before they even walk in the door!”

Alex Hibbard, Director of Studio Operations at Citizen Pilates
Increase in new client returns
Increase in new client spend

“FitGrid provides our instructors the ability to connect with everyone in the room individually.

It’s been a great way to build relationships. And we are seeing huge gains around retention!”

Lindy Jobbs, Owner at P2O Hot Pilates
Increase in new client returns
Increase in new client spend

“FitGrid provides our entire team with a powerful community engagement tool necessary for creating real bonds with members.

"Given our large class sizes, it isn’t always possible for our coaches to reach everyone in the room. FitGrid solves for this by giving our coaches a platform to communicate one on one with first-time members and those achieving milestones in their journey.”

Dominik Desbois, Founder of Spin Society
Increase in new client returns
Increase in new client spend

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