Must-have instructor engagement app

FitGrid Pro Instructor App is a one-of-a-kind communication tool for instructors to communicate with class attendees.

Next-Generation Engagement Suite

Preview is now available of FitGrid's 2024 Engagement Suite. Plan, engage, and analyse with an all-in-one platform.

Create deeper connections with clients + receive direct feedback on instruction

Direct-to-client messaging
Studio's control which clients that instructors are supposed to follow up with; instructors can control the content and messaging of what clients recieve
Realtime performance feedback
Activate delivery of customer feedback about an instructor directly to the palm of their hands, while ensuring the anonymity of the client
Class task lists & statistics
Use the Pro App to track who's coming to class, who is a first timer and who is on a milestone (50x, 100x) visit as well as class and customer statistics

How Instructor App works

FitGrid's flagship instructor tool, trusted by millions.

FitGrid segments clients and recommends who is most critical to contact

Studios can configure the Instructor App in countless ways to ensure that instructors are connecting with the right customers at the right time

Instructors can use their own templates, or customize messages on-the-fly

Instructors are asked to write a series of template messages - one time -when they first download the app. After that, templated or custom messages can be sent

Instructors sending visitors follow ups increases return rates by more than 35%

Clients who receive a message from their instructor after a first class return to the studio 35% more than clients who do not recieve a message

Custom Cadences

Studio management controls the frequency and cadence of instructor-to-client messages. 1x, 3x and 10x visit follow-up frequencies are common

Customizable Templates

Instructors sending follow-up messages to clients who take their classes can be done in as little as 10 seconds, but average send time is about 1 minute total

Impact on retention

Instructors who send follow-up messages to first time clients see an average return rate increase of 35% versus clients who did not receive a message

Follow-up visibility

Studio managers and owners are provided visibility into the messages that are being sent by instructors to clients - for a variety of reasons

"Fitgrid has been the most organic way for our instructors to build relationships with our clients."

“Not only does Fitgrid provide a simple communication platform for our instructors to use, it also provides them with vital information about our clients before they even walk in the door!”

Alex Hibbard, Director of Studio Operations at Citizen Pilates
Increase in new client returns
Increase in new client spend

“FitGrid provides our instructors the ability to connect with everyone in the room individually.

It’s been a great way to build relationships. And we are seeing huge gains around retention!”

Lindy Jobbs, Owner at P2O Hot Pilates
Increase in new client returns
Increase in new client spend

“FitGrid provides our entire team with a powerful community engagement tool necessary for creating real bonds with members.

"Given our large class sizes, it isn’t always possible for our coaches to reach everyone in the room. FitGrid solves for this by giving our coaches a platform to communicate one on one with first-time members and those achieving milestones in their journey.”

Dominik Desbois, Founder of Spin Society
Increase in new client returns
Increase in new client spend

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