Data Diagnostic & KPI Benchmarking

Data Diagnostics and KPI Benchmarking helps your studio understand it's position on critical metrics, relative to others

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Where is your studio underperforming? We'll tell you where to focus

Insights: New Insights on 15+ KPIs
Clear insights into your most important KPIs like Lead Conversion Rate, 1st Time Client Return Rate, Number of At-Risk clients and more
Recommendations: Actions to Take
Focused recommendations of what to do next based on your metrics, including values that are underperforming, normal and outperforming
Action: Clear Plan to Influence Metrics
Direct connection between your metrics and recommendations and the actions that should be performed to influence your KPIs

How Diagnostic works

This free feature is available on all plan types, free of charge

Diagnostics looks at the entire customer journey

FitGrid Data Diagnostics looks at the entire customer journey and will display critical KPI values during each stage in the journey

Data Diagnostics will recommend actions to take

Based on the value of the metric being analyzed, and where it falls in comparison to industry averages, averages in your modality and more, we'll recommend actions to take

Apply the recommended actions/changes to see impact on your bottom line

To effect change in your KPIs, implement the recommendations or changes being offered to increase the values of your KPIs

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