Acquire new clients + sell more packages

With Class App, studios tap into a global marketplace of users while connecting your community members to one another.

Next-Generation Engagement Suite

Preview is now available of FitGrid's 2024 Engagement Suite. Plan, engage, and analyse with an all-in-one platform.

What is Class App?

The FitGrid Class app is an all-new fitness social network. Now you can find your new favorite virtual and in-studio classes, and also connect with friends, classmates, and instructors. Studios can use it to sell packages, acquire clients and much more.

This feature is available for Mindbody customers only.

Acquire new clients through Class App's referral engine

Manually compiling data from all your social media takes hours, and your reports are full of errors. Get detailed, accurate, and auto-generated reports, with SaasBox.

Sell auto-renewing class packages like 5 packs and 10 packs of classes

You need a social media strategy that works. But you are wasting days looking at unreliable insights. Measure social media analytics with accurate, auto-generated reports.

Connect your community  with classmates, groups, chat, friends and more

Maximise reach and impact with detailed reports on content marketing and customer engagement. Track your performance across channels with an easy to use SMM software.

How Class App works

FitGrid's flagship instructor tool, trusted by millions.

Enter pricing for single classes, 5-packs and 10-packs of classes

Tell us how much you want to charge for these 3 package types.

Earn 85% of your retail package prices and enjoy monthly direct deposit

Earn between 80-85% of the retail price of your packages and we will automatically deposit funds into the bank account of your choice each month

Attract new clients by configuring rewards and allowing client intake

Incentive clients to attend class at your studio with FitGrid Rewards. Enable new customer registration by optimizing your listing

Connect Clients to one  another

Class app offers the ability to connect your clients to one another, helping you build community and a place where customers can connect with friends

Let clients track workouts

Class app has a built in workout tracker that will automatically track your workouts, while allowing customers to also enter custom activities

Let clients invite friends to join them

Class App makes it easy for your customers to invite their friends to join them in future classes. After making a reservation, clients can invite friends via text or email

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