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Hart Marketing & Communications Inc.

As an innovative, boutique company, KK and the team at Hart Marketing & Communications develop, design and execute marketing, sales and creative services in partnership with our clients.  Whether you’re a startup or established business, we help with client acquisition & retention through specializing in effective, ROI driven strategies to help you reach your target client in person and online, positioning you for consistent and strategic KPI (key performance indicator) growth.

A former sales and marketing trainer for many of the largest businesses in the world, with 20+ years of experience, KK works 1:1 exclusively and directly with fitness, beauty, health, wellness and tech business leadership of many types: from the solopreneur/operator to corporate executives, and everything in between.

The driving force of our success, KK also has the tremendous privilege of helping countless independent business owners to utilize holistic best practices to implement customer centric, authentic sales and marketing that drives results and profitability- regardless of industry or niche. She doesn't just know her stuff, she lives her values with long time entrepreneurial experience (8+ businesses and counting!), diligent measurement, and a data driven approach to how we work with clients.

With a focus on providing comprehensive, full service support that spans every need from sales, marketing, digital ads, website, PR/press, pricing, and software optimization - our entire goal is to add less to a busy business owner's to-do list, so you can enjoy the benefits of growing and scaling professionally... without losing your soul or burning out in the process personally!

KK is known as the As-Seen-On-TV expert that many of the best and brightest small businesses and franchises work with to create personalized solutions to their biggest frustrations, featured and recommended by MINDBODY, Forbes, Women's Health, HuffPost, TED, Nasdaq, and Fox.

"I'm so clear on the complexities and benefits of being a working, entrepreneurial professional that if you want to experience breakthroughs in this area of your life or looking to create more success in your personal *and* professional lives... I literally wrote the book on that! It recently launched and is FREE to Kindle Readers with Unlimited: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CP6639T9"


KK Hart, MHA